Preschool - 2 Year Olds

Our Program

heart crossZion Lutheran School is a place for learning, working and playing within a Christian environment. This means our Christian staff teaches Christ-Centered values through activities and planned experiences. A Christian school plays an important role in a child’s early education, because it strengthens and supports the parenting process.

We are a Christian school providing a nurturing atmosphere for your child. We strive for developmentally appropriate practices in all of our learning activities. Jesus is the Master Teacher. His love and forgiveness is portrayed throughout our educational experiences.

When Is Preschool 2?

Parents can chose one day to five days a week; 8:00 – 11:00 am or 8:00 - 3:00 pm. 

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What Do Preschool 2 Students Learn?

  • Learns about Jesus and His love
  • Learns how to pray and how to participate in prayer
  • Learns to use words instead of actions to communicate wants/needs
  • Learns how to adjust in group settings
  • Tells their name and age
  • Knows about their family (parents, siblings, etc.)
  • Learns to understand 2-3 step simple commands
  • Participates to the best of their ability in conversations
  • Learns basic rules for conversation: listening and speaking alternatively
  • Learns how to share, take turns, and cooperate with others
  • Learns and develops hand/eye coordination
  • Correctly washes and dries hands
  • Learns to act independently
  • Learns to take off coat and hang on hook
  • Learns to listen to stories
  • Learns to sing songs and participate in song time
  • Learns fine motor skills (small object manipulation)
  • Learns gross motor skills (running, hopping, kicking a ball, etc.)
  • Learns basic colors
  • Learns simple shapes
  • Learns object sizes (difference between small and large)
  • Builds with blocks
  • Wants to participate in new activities
  • Chooses activities according to personal interest
  • Participates in imaginative play
  • Plays alone at times

Registration Requirements

  • A child entering our Preschool program must be 2 years old by August 1st of the year they are enrolled.
Registrations can be made on our Registration/ Information Night on February 5, 2019, starting at 6:00 pm. Staff members will be present to answer questions and give tours of the facilities.

If there are any special needs to be considered when class assignments are made, parents need to have a 1- on-1 discussion with the ZLS Principal by no later than May 24, 2019. While consideration will be given to these requests, please remember that there are no automatic guarantees.

Registration & Tuition Fees

Registration fees: $155.00/$180.00 after April 1st.  This is due at the time of registration and is in addition to tuition. It is non- refundable. 

Tuition: Tuition Fees are annual amounts; however, for the convenience of our school families, payments can be made over eight months (September-April) of the school year.
Please see Pamphlet or Handbook for 2019 - 2020 tuition chart.

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