Summer Daycare

The Program

Zion Lutheran School is a place for learning, working and playing within a Christian environment.

Likewise, while outside the classroom setting, our daycare program is one in which our Christian staff provides daycare needs in a Christ–Centered environment and means.

What Is Summer DayCare?

Zion Lutheran School provides a summer daycare setting to children age 2 through Third Grade. Daycare is open during the hours of 6:30 am through 5:30 pm; Monday through Friday.

  • 3, 4,  Kindergarten-Third Grade age children must be toilet trained, out of pull ups and away from “sippie cup” use.
  • Two year old children are in a separate program due to age and other differences.
  • Summer Daycare has a  Registration Form to be filled out. 

What Experiences Will My Child Have In Summer DayCare?

Knowing that Jesus is the Master Teacher, even in our social development and maturity, we provide a nurturing atmosphere, as well as, provide for the day to day daycare needs for your child.

Age appropriate activities are provided for the children in our daycareprogram, which includes:
  • Play Time (indoor and outdoor as appropriate)
  • Exercise Time
  • Hands-On Learning Activities - counting, colors, etc.
  • “Jesus” Time – Bible stories, activities, etc.
  • Rest time: Children are not required to sleep, but a rest time is scheduled every day.
  • Lunch and snack times – as appropriate